The Month of May

Seth had to go to Little Rock yesterday, and he won’t be home until late tonight. I can never go to sleep without him, so I needed to sleep in a bit this morning. Isaac woke up at 6:15, and I told him to get in bed with me. He did, and I drifted back. When I woke, it was 7:15, and Isaac was in the kitchen stuffing the last of an entire chocolate bunny in his face. He said it was a great breakfast, and I agreed that it must have been.

I want to make record of our last month with a few pics.

My favorite aunt, cousin, 1st cousin once removed, and sister came to visit us at the end of April. Amy, Erin, and I are all pregnant, and this was our last time together before life gets twice as demanding. All we did was eat!

A few weeks after that, Isaac, Jude, and I piled in the minivan and made our way to Alabama. Isaac got to spend tons of time with BawBaw listening to coyotes and whippoorwills, going to the lake, and exploring Cathedral Caverns, a huge cave. We had great family time. I had my ten year reunion, but I’ll spare you those images! Also, my sister’s baby shower was so good. I cannot wait to meet baby Ethan! It is always hard to leave home. This time was especially hard because I cannot imagine travelling back that far with three children as young as mine.

Last weekend was Daddy-O’s birthday! That’s Seth’s dad. We love him a whole bunch, so we made him an apron that has the boys handprints on it. It says “Daddy-O’s Helping Hands.” Seth made him a big, good pot of gumbo; and, I made him my first layer cake. It was chocolate, our vegetable of choice.

Finley Robinson’s (Uncle Fin’s) birthday was Monday. We had such a good time with our friends. Can I say how blessed we are to be surrounded by such wonderful people. In one of Fin’s birthday pics, Jude and I are in the background. He is dumping his baby food everywhere, which is something that happens all the time! Lord, help me! We have to laugh to keep from going bonkers. I’m glad Brooke caught this picture, though.

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Reply June 1, 2007

Amber that pic of jude dumping baby food is so cute. I cant believe we havent seen you in a year. CRAZY!!!

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