Our Weekend

Last weekend was a wonderful one! All day Friday the boys played in the pool. It is so fun to see them begin to play together. Friday evening the boys and I went to a dear friend’s home to play. My girlfriend cooked spaghetti for almost three hours and then tossed it in her pool with some water. All the kids had such fun, and I got a little girlfriend time.

I rushed home in time to feed and bathe the boys so we could hang out with our church worship leader and his wife. I absolutely love them. God has begun to change my heart toward the church. It’s silly what a slow process this has been, but now I am in love with these amazing and real people that have been rescued just like I was and am. We have an interesting family, our church, His body — and dang it, we can have some goofy fun.

Saturday morning, I woke early and picked up my girlfriend Allyn so we could hit a big neighborhod garage sale. That was so fun to me (especially fun to have more girlfriend time). I spent a little $ on some super cute maternity clothes, some little kid books, a bag of plastic animals for Ike, two polo shirts for the boys, and a huge blow-up pool with a slide. This pool has sprinklers, and Isaac has told me he loves me at least 60 times while playing in it. I’m a sucker. We wanted a new pool big time and had been waiting for the right moment to ask Daddy for one. Yay Yardsales!!!!

Saturday evening, another girlfriend asked if I could watch her daughter, my God-Daughter! Oh, it was such sweet time to play with Kallei for the first time. Isaac loved on her nonstop, and they all played very well together. I managed to get three children to nap all at the same general time.

Sunday, Seth led worship at church with Josh Graber. I love how well they lead together. I think I am learning (duh) that God gives us our gifts to not only edify the church but also to sanctify and teach the one with the gift. Seth’s hanging out with Josh has encouraged him to pick up his guitar more at home. Last night, he played for an hour, and I worshipped the whole time I was cleaning the kitchen and folding clothes. (Doing without tv this summer has also been good for us.)

Some of our friends from Harding (Troy and Carrie Lakey) came to spend Sunday night. They work with International House of Prayer, and they were such an encouragement to us. It is so interesting to be close with a modern-day version of
protestant monks.

I am thanking Christ for his beautiful, gangly body.

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Reply June 5, 2007

Amber! How cool your blow up pool is! Jude has changed even more in just a month! He looks so much like you.........
So I started a blog thingy...nothing really on there yet....
Love you!

Ensor Dispensor
Reply June 6, 2007

ok so your pool is awesome. i hope you didn't have to blow that thing up yourself. funny image. your boys are so cute. i can't believe jude standing up. crazy.


Reply June 6, 2007

Amber, your blog, especially the pictures, always bring a smile to my face. That pool looks super cool. I wish they had one for adults like that.

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