Concert in the Park — my kind of town!

Last night Seth had the genius idea of going to the park for the free Summer Concert Series. We had seen Slade Cleaves play on Austin City Limits, I think. It was good music. Some of our friends were there, and we all got to sit together. It was breezy and the perfect temperature. We had a picnic, and Isaac and the other kids got to dance with a big cow in a pink dress.

I have to say that there is something about all those hippies and roadies and folks with stands promoting Optimism that just makes me so happy I could scream. I actually teared up when the band was doing their sound check. I love this town!

A quick story about Ike: There was a Gorgeous girl sitting behind us on a blanket, and after checking her out for a while, he smoothed in closer and closer. Finally, he ran to her and stole a kiss and a hug. Her boyfriend was like “what’s up with this?” Other than that he danced the entire time — my party starter!

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Reply June 8, 2007

Oh my goodness, I want to gobble your children up. I really, truly can't get enough of their charming good looks. And also? Your bangs are hot.

You should move to Portland -- you would cry every day with all the hippies. And I would cry every day because I would be so close to my favorite family ever. Please move. I'll pay for the movers. Seriously, I will.

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