We love Daddy!

Saturday we celebrated Father’s Day for Seth because he was to leave for San Fransisco early Sunday morning, and we will be away on Father’s Day. He is such a good father that he even made us pancakes, wonderful pancakes. Then, Isaac, Jude, and I gave him the quintessential father’s day gift — a tie. It is gorgeous, though, a blue and brown houndstooth. Then, the best part was when Isaac showed Seth how he had secretly learned about 20 of the states. He has a great placemat with a US map on it. He kept asking me about states, and when I realized he was remembering, I just told him about one state a day. Seth was so proud.

Later Saturday we went to Grandma’s like we usually do. Isaac loves it so much. Grandma Haines loves to garden, and Isaac studies her while she works. He would dig and say that he was working hard.

While Seth has been on his trip, we got very bored. Seth is the fun one, for sure. Monday, Isaac wanted to paint everyone we know a picture. Two were for BawBaw and Daddy-O for Father’s Day. He painted at least 10 pictures.

Lately Jude has spent a lot of time on his head. He likes to be upside-down. If you squat down to look at him, he giggles until he falls over.

We have worked very hard on table manners, but how can you stop a child from drinking melted icecream out of the bowl? It makes us all so happy to do it.

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Reply June 14, 2007

micah is leaving for san fran on sunday morning too...mmm...maybe they'll see each other. i love your hair and what sweet pics (as always) of the boys.

Reply June 14, 2007

Matt is still trying to get me to stop drinking melted icecream from the bowl.

Also, I had a dream last night that we visited ya'll. It was fantastic. And then I woke up and felt sad because it wasn't real.

And also, I love your hair so much! You cut a lot off! Looks great!

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