Redneck Riviera!

We had the best time on the beach. I remember Gulf Shores from childhood, it’s brownish blue water, khaki sand, some fancy condos, and a good bit of run-down houses. Well, thank you hurricane season, the place has been rebuilt and is so very nice. Somehow, before a big storm, the water was perfectly blue and the sands were white. Lovely! We used some awful spray-on sunscreen and got the craziest burns. One of my ankles looked like it had been in the oven for a day. My body took a new shape while we were away, too. I think I am to the waddling part of pregnancy.

And speaking of pregnancy, I am so glad for the prego beach time I got with my sister, Erin. She is 9 weeks ahead of me and absolutley gorgeous. We were a spectacal on the beach together, though.

Erin’s husband, Chris, is one of the funniest people I’ve ever known. I don’t think we could pump him with xanex to keep him still or from looking for something to do. He took off in a storm to ride the waves, and he made looking for crabs one of the most exciting things we’ve ever done.

Seth is such a great cook. Such a blessing! One night he made us a big shrimp and fish meal in the condo. So yummy! We had good food the whole time we were there and good shopping, too. What’s a vacation without shopping?

Erin and Chris left on Tuesday, so for the rest of the week, Seth and I wasted as much time as possible. We sat under the beach umbrella to read or people-watch, and when we got hot, we dipped in the ocean, though that got scary because some men were catching black-tip sharks on the beach at night. They called them “man-eaters!” We also saw ginormous sting rays.

I can say that Seth is my very best friend. We get so giddy and flirty and plain ole dumb together. I love it. My favorite part, though, was when we took turns beating each other in Yahtzee. We played Yahtzee until after midnight some nights, and actually, we have been playing together since we’ve been home. Who’d a thought I’d get my kicks like that at age 27? Well, I do.

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Ensor Dispensor
Reply June 27, 2007

hilarious! love the poop story. glad you guys had fun. you look absolutely gorgeous. miss you


Reply June 28, 2007

I was almost rolling on the floor laughing at the email from Sue Sue. Wow, never a dull moment huh! You guys looked so cute on your vacation. We're so glad you were able to get guys definitely deserved it! Love you and miss you!

Reply June 28, 2007

I love you! And your entire family! And you are such a beautiful pregnant lady.

The Dicus Family
Reply June 29, 2007

im proud to be your cousin.yall are beautiful!love you.

Joseph & Lindsey
Reply June 29, 2007


I loved Sue Sue's email. I couldn't stop smiling! You also look amazing - one awesomely beautiful pregnant lady! :) Glad to read that you're working on your yahtzee skills . . . we're comin'! :)

Holton Crew
Reply July 5, 2007

Lawman Haines finally sent me a link for ya'lls blog. You've been bookmarked....beware. We miss you guys.

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