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I wanted to share an email from my mother-in-law, who we call Sue Sue, that I received while in Gulf Shores. She and Daddy-O are Sunday School leaders for the young married class at their church, and she said that having the boys for a week was a priceless reminder of what we mommies of little ones live. I am so very thankful to have such wonderful family that they would allow us to go on vacation without the boys before #3 comes. This is just a slice of her hillarious time:

So far I’ve been baptized with vomit and blood, but I’m having fun.
We had a great day at church. We went to McDonald’s for lunch and Jude watched Isaac play on the slide. Isaac put his swimsuit on after nap and played in the sprinkler. He got really quiet and sat on the front steps. I knew what he was doing, so I waited for him to finish, then I said, “Let’s go get you cleaned up.” Well, it was a little more complicated than that. Apparently, since I (in my infinite wisdom) didn’t put a swim diaper on him, “it” started dripping down hislegs. He waddled bow-legged to the backyard where I hosed him down. As I was flipping “it” over the fence. He said, “What are you doing?” I said, “Uh, feeding the snakes.” He said, “Snakes eat poo poo?”

Isaac and Jude both had a wonderful day at VBS on Monday. Their teachers wanted to keep them. Jude took his first steps at church, but he hasn’t walked on his own since.

Monday at supper time, Isaac complained about a tummy ache, so I dutifully read my instructions and sent him to the time-out chair. I thought he was showing a temper, and I wanted to be sure I kept a tight reign. Imagine my surprise when I heard a pitiful voice say, “Sue Sue, I throwed up on the time-out chair.” Some grandma I am… My penance was to spend the rest of
the evening helping him hurl in the toilet and change his pajamas. We ran out of pajamas, so I finally put a t shirt on him before I put him in bed. As I was putting the shirt on, he said, “This is not a night night shirt.” I had to convince him that it would work.

Tuesday morning the boys wrestled and giggled all morning. I didn’t get much done, but I did manage to take a shower. Oh, the simple pleasures. Isaac giggled when Jude pinned him down, but soon the giggles became nervous, then frantic. (Isaac better get his bluff in now!) I rescued him and Jude tackled him again.

Daddy-O came home with a Spiderman balloon for Isaac. Needless to say, he was thrilled. (More on that later.) We put water in the baby pool, and put both of the boys in the pool. They had a great time until Jude decided to get out of the pool. He did a “face plant” on the deck. There was blood involved….he screamed a little, then giggled. It’s really weird to see a baby giggle with blood dripping out of the corner of his mouth. That ones a tough one. (That’s how I got blood on my shirt.) Don’t worry, no permanent damage to Jude or the shirt. Isaac played most of the evening with the balloon, then we watched
Peter Pan. Daddy-O was more interested in the movie than Isaac was. Daddy-O used Jude as weights for his
uppper body workout. (Wednesday morning he couldn’t move–Daddy-O that is.)

We played until bedtime when our next crisis happened. Daddy-O had gone out to the shop to get a little clip to weigh down the balloon so Isaac could keep track of it. I used the clip to attach it to his shirt, and he walked around for a while then took it off. He went to Daddy-O to have his clip the balloon to his sleeve. Daddy-O didn’t pull out the material to clip it; he
just opened the clip and attached—-to shirt and skin! Isaac at first looked super surprised (you know that look actors use when they’ve just been mortally wounded? That look…) right before he let out a high-pitched scream. I scooped him up and assured him that Daddy-O loved him and it was just an accident. He settled down and I put him to bed.

(Side note — sorry about the sideways pic in the last post.)

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