Amber said that I should start this blog with “this is Seth,” so… Hey, this is Seth. Amber and I have some wonderful friends who make their home in Mozambique-Kyle and Ginger Holton. Kyle and Ginger are both phenominal people who write from quite a different perspective. Their writing reminds me that there is more to life than grande lattes, summer blockbusters, and iPhones (make no mistake, I really want one). I have linked their blog site to the left. Please visit and drop them a comment of encouragement. You may also visit their website – http://www.yaomission.org/ .

Please note, for copyright purposes (the lawyer in me coming out), that the above picture is from the National Geographic website and was taken by James L. Stanfield. It purports to be of a woman from Mozambique.

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Reply July 11, 2007

Seth, you are a dork. Did you really use the word purport in a blog?


Reply July 12, 2007

Eu vou levar a seu cu para o tribunal. Aquela photographia e a minha mae!!

Holton Crew
Reply July 12, 2007

I can't believe you found that picture!!! That is my friend's brother's cousin's second wife's nephew on her dad's grandma's side!!!

I want an iphone too. You guys are the best. Let me say however for the record, that I purport to have no involvement or relationship with Mr. Anonymous above. There I purported it.

Reply July 23, 2007

Oh Seth. Do you read Harry Potter? Do you truly know Neville's character or are you basing your opinions on the movies? I should hope one day you will read the series to your children. Oh! Can I? You should fly me down in August to read to your children by day, party with you and Amber by night. It will be fun!

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