A New Stage! subtitled: Help Me LORD of Mercy & Grace!

Jude has to know what Isaac is doing at all times. If I let Ike outside to play, Jude needs to be at the window watching. His favorite place is Isaac’s face, and he prefers to sit on it or wrestle it into the ground — always out of love. Isaac’s juice tastes better; Isaac’s blocks stack better; and Isaac’s space feels better. So … this makes for a big brother on the verge of a nervous breakdown all the time. The happier side of this is that they are just now getting to where they actually play together. If they get to laughing, it spreads over the entire house and lasts a long time.

Seth loves hot stuff. He could drink a bottle of hot sauce like milk and ask for more at the end. He is proud of his ability to endure that capsaicin pain so he can catch a new pepper flavor. He decided to plant some pepper plants in the back yard. I got to witness Seth take a bite of the first peppers he ever had grown. He immediately started crying and couldn’t find his voice for a minute. He drank a half gallon of milk and another quart of buttermilk to ease the burn, and his voice was horse for hours afterward.

Today, I let Isaac outside to find a few of his toys. After a minute I heard a scream and ran out to him where he was dangling his tongue 3 inches out of his mouth and scratching it with his fingernails. He couldn’t talk to tell me what he had done so I thought he had been stung by a bee in the mouth. Finally, he said “Pepper!” and we ran inside. He was shaking all over, and so was I — scared! He slurped and huffed through a huge glass of buttermilk, which he hates, but he didn’t care at that moment. I seriously thought he might fall over dead from a pepper. We were pitiful. He had to stand over the toilet and try to throw up before he ever found any relief.

About five minutes after that episode, I could hardly stand up from shaking, so I was at the kitchen table when I heard Jude scream bloody murder. I ran into the living room where blood was pouring from all sides of his mouth. He had bashed his teeth through his lips on the coffee table because the nut cannot be kept from climbing onto the couch and diving off. He’s unstoppable, so I knew that this would eventually happen, and it probably will again. This was also very scary to me. It took a half role of wet paper towels just to clean up to see where he had been hurt. While I was sopping up the mess on his face, our dog, Miles, snatched a chicken breast and nearly swallowed it whole, bones and all. We’ll see how that turns out.

This is a crazy crazy place. All I could say to myself was Help me Lord of Mercy and Grace, and He did. I’m not even shaking anymore.

On a better note, Isaac is completely potty trained!!!! It was hard for a few days, and then it just clicked. His sticker-filled chart says “Ride the Potty Tain, Isaac!” He takes very well to our pride. Call him Big Boy next time you see him.

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Reply July 24, 2007

I really do want to gobble your children up; they're just so delicious looking. You're one fantastic mom -- a rockstar.

Joseph & Lindsey
Reply July 25, 2007

oh my goodness Amber - what a day! You must be morphing into Super Mom! :) You're amazing - as is He who offers us the ability to stop shaking in moments like that.

Joseph said for Seth to eat a pepper for him

Love you guys!

The Haines Family Blog
Reply July 25, 2007

No super mom or rockstar here; believe me. That's kind of the opposite of how to describe it, and I ain't being humble proud. Yesterday, three times Isaac said, "It's a beautiful day!" And I would respond as if I were trying to teach him, "Yes, this is the day that the Lord has made. He knew what would happen in it before we even woke up." I had been thinking Today is NOT beautiful! Children minister to us as much as we do to them. God is gracious to mamas like that.

The Dicus Family
Reply July 25, 2007

amber,i dont know how you do it...i guess God just gives us the strength to do what has to be done.bless you.hope yall are alright.love you.*anna*

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