Aunt Erin Rocks!

My sister, Erin, really is the best gift giver ever. A few days ago, she sent me a Baby Papasan Swing (which is very WOW), and she sent me some great books for my bday. This is not at all because she is a wealthy person; it is as I was telling someone last night — she is as cheerful a giver and as loving in her giving as anyone I’ve ever witnessed, and she has been this way since she was a little girl.

Today, Jude got his birthday package from her. It is a hillarious ride-on H2 Hummer complete with any sound that a car can possibly make and a Devan Lowe car dealership sticker on the bumper, which is where her husband, Uncle Chris, works. Awesome! I’ve never seen Isaac so jealous, so I pretend that Jude is letting him take turns. Also, notice my stuntman. I have a feeling that this is somehow going to be used to get up to the ceiling fan.

Thank you, Aunt Erin!

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