My Tiger

Isaac is a tiger. He tells me to call him Big Boy Tiger, and he calls me Mama TIger. This goes on all day. He makes a tiger cave out of our couch cushions, and he stays there for very long periods of time. That is the Lord blessing me for not being anal about my cushions and pillows.

All I have to say about this picture is OH NO!!!

I have been thinking a lot about how much Seth blesses me. He really is the best Daddy I’ve ever seen. Isaac wanted to play outside so badly yesterday, and I was just too tired and hot and really pregnant. Seth got home, and they went outside to water the dreaded peppers. Before I knew it, they were both screaming in the backyard, and Jude had crawled to the window, of course, to see where his boys were. Seth and Isaac were soaking wet, and gut laughing, having the best time spraying each other with the water hose. I don’t don’t if Isaac will remember that day, but I know it will be one of those days that makes him into the man he will become.

This may sound cheesy, but this morning, I looked at Isaac and Jude, and I felt like I was raising royalty, God’s noble men. I pretended for a minute that one day they would be responsible for kingdoms, and I imagined how my parenting would change in light of such knowledge. As a side note to that, Isaac was peeing in the front yard, pants down and everything, wehn the mailman brought a package to my door.

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