Happy 1st Birthday Jude!

Here are more Birthday pics.

I am so thankful that my boys will grow up knowing such wonderful family. (We miss Alabama fam, by the way, and thank you Memaw and BawBaw for the awesome box of clothes, books, and superman pajamas with capes for the boys.)

I can’t help but add this pic of my girls.

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Joseph & Lindsey
Reply July 30, 2007


i just love your family and love feeling like I can know about the "little things" even though I'm so far away. jude's party looked like a blast. He's so big. Your boys (all of them) are just so precious.

Reply July 31, 2007

Bubbles, anyone?
Your kiddos are so cute. And Grandma Haines' place was the perfect place for a party. I almost feel like I'm in the country when I'm there.

Reply August 19, 2007


Reply August 21, 2007

Will you post again someday? I miss you.

The Dicus Family
Reply August 21, 2007

have you disappeared???i was just wondering how erin and chris and ethan are...i lost your phone number*BIG SURPRISE* or i would call ya.love.

Reply September 3, 2007

just thought i'd take a second to say that i think it is rude when people ask when you'll post again.
don't they know you are pregant with baby #3 and you are moving!?!!
that is such a pet peeve when people think they can voice their opinions like that! urgg. even if your joking...stop it!
(love you amber!! hang in there sweetie!!)

The Haines Family Blog
Reply September 4, 2007

I am such a horrible friend that most people don't even know I moved. We did! Isn't that nuts? We moved across town -- long story I'll tell later.

I promise to blog soon with a bazillion pics and a recap of the month of August (because it was crazy).

I am pooped out, my friends. It's weird that I'll meet a new person that comes from my very being in only 6 weeks.


Reply September 7, 2007

I found your blog from a comment on my blog from Sarah Harriman who is good friends with a Dallas friend of mine. Got all that?
Anyway, loved reading it. See you soon, neighbor!

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