Dont’ Ella and Jude look very similar here?

Okay, I know I have been a total blog slacker. I’m actually not going to meet any expectations here, but I do want to take a minute to post a few pics and tell just a bit of what has been going on here at the Haines house. I can’t get our camara to upload some super cute Isaac pics, so you’ll have to see some without Ike that are almost a month old.

Let me try to recall August …

The first thing is that my very close cousins (Amy, Micah, and Ella) came to visit from Tennessee. That was another wonderful time of eating for two huge pregnant people. Isaac and Ella are the exact same age so they went between hating and loving each other as usual, and Jude was at a particularly cute stage then (still is, actually.)

Another thing: Besides being incredibly cute, Jude had a short stage of being incredibly annoying. That is a horrific thing to say about your baby, isn’t it? Seth and I worried that we might not like him anymore. One day he literally pulled my pants down because he could not let go of me. If he wasn’t super-glued to my leg, he was screaming his face off, and not in a sad way but in a pull your hair out kind of way. I guess he was sensing the drawing near of the end of his babyhood, and he was really mad about it. He also had some weird eyeball throat virus, which didn’t help at all. I don’t know what happened, but he is better now. Of course I was kidding about not liking him, but now we really, really do like him a bunch.

I’ll post in segments again today as I can. Thanks for hanging in there. Eventually, I’ll tell you about my surprise birthday party, a day at the pool, a baby shower for Teresa at the Duggar’s house, and our moving across town at random in my third trimester of misery, I mean pregnancy.

Is my attitude really that bad right now? I promise I’m happy, grateful, and actually enjoying life (just to throw that out there).

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