My 28th Birthday!

Well, I have the best hubby and friends ever! You know, I really have thought that I might get a surprise party for my 30th, but for your 28th, you just tell yourself to not be a baby if no one remembers (well, I do anyway). When my cousin was here, she and her husband acted so excited about going out to eat. That is NOT like them at all, but I was glad. Seth even acted like it would be fun and out of the ordinary for him to go eat Thai food, but he eats out at least 5 times a week. Still, I didn’t get it. They were throwing me off … not even that … I never expected anything from which to be thrown.

When we got back home, I walked in the door to my normal ole house, and then out from the couches and from behind all the walls came jumping some of my most favorite poeple on earth. It was, well, very surprising! I actually screamed.

Seth had been so busy that he asked Allyn and Brooke to get it all together, and JuJu (Julia Robinson) apparently did a lot, too. The kitchen table had been pulled to the middle of the room and was full of frilly, sweet, and girly things that I love. It was beautiful.

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The Dicus Family
Reply September 14, 2007

you have a beautiful so glad you are posting again!have you checked my sister's blog out yet?love.

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