Summer Fun

Being so big and so hot and swollen is tough unless you’re in water which rarely happens. One day we got to float around for several hours with our friends in an extravagently gorgeous pool surrounded by woods and pretty flowers. Isaac was hillarious because he is such a cautious little guy. He wore a spiderman life jacket and a Barbie floatie around his waist. He swam all over the place, but he made sure that he felt as buoyant as possible.

Today, a month later, at the park, Isaac climbed a 7+ foot climbing wall about 50 times, and I was his spotter, but he didn’t want me to touch him at all. He actually fell once, and I caught him. He said, “Woe, you caught me!” and then he cried for 2 seconds, leaned over my shoulder to spit out some blood, and then reattached to the wall for the last half of his time at the park. All the other kids were running around playing Dragon (Jude was trying to do that, too, screaming with his arms up in the air), but Ike just kept climbing the wall, turning around to watch me clap, and then sliding back down to the bottom to latch on again. It was great to see him be brave and climb so far above my head that I could only soften a fall — not keep him from it. It was good for both of us.

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Reply September 12, 2007

Oh so glad for the new pictures and updates! I'm so proud of Ike for being so brave! Ethan is precious too. I can't believe he's already here. While the doting "aunt" in me can't believe Jude was such a pistol, I'll definitely take your word for it.

Reply September 12, 2007

It's good to hear from you again -- finally :) I check on you almost every day. Your boys are so sweet (yes-- Seth too) and I love reading your blog. I moved too this summer - downsized to a smaller house -- about half of the old one. It's taking some getting used to but I really do like the house. Hope you and Seth will plan to come sometime when the kids are all here. They'll be here xmas if you have time to stop going to Alabama (if you do go). Think of you often and love you lots.

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