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Well, in our move I may have lost the correct cord for the camara, so no new pics. It has gotten hard for me to keep up on the computer, so any grace you can spare, I’ll receive.

A few things: I never explained the move across town, and I really don’t know what to say about it except that it has already been a blessing (a kind of house trade). We really enjoy the neighborhood, and actually some of our great friends live right across the street. I always thought I would hate having an upstairs, but I actually love it (though it’s hard on a pregnant lady). I can keep the house work up for the downstairs, and we aren’t upstairs enough to truly mess it up. We can be louder in the mornings than usual, too, becasue the boys do not hear us.

I still have four weeks to go, and like most other really pregnant people, I don’t know how I’m going to do it. I’m also getting scared about how to carry two diaper bags, a baby carrier, and Jude all at once, while threatening Isaac to please get in the van or whatever. I do know that this is when I come to know God more. These will be good times for me and the Lord. I know that, but that’s all I know. It seems that, since women have been having babies out of bipedal bodies for many thousands of years, it would not feel so wrong. If evolution were as they taught me in biological anthroplogy, my hips would be much much bigger, and I would have an even wider waddle. Thank goodness, though, that I came from seductive Eve, whose hips weren’t really meant to bare such melons. We just look better this way, but dang it hurts.

Last thing: a few mornings ago, I was thinking out loud about what I had to do that day. I said, “What is it I need to do today?” and Isaac responded, “Go put on your make-up.” I asked, “Why? What do I look like without my make-up on?” Guess what he said … “A Swamp Bat Dragon!” but he said I look like a pretty girl when I do wear make-up. At least there’s that.

I have a date with Mary Kay.

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Ensor Dispensor
Reply September 19, 2007

Remind me to wear my make-up next time I see Isaac. Who says bipedal. Maybe I am not educated enough to know what that means.:) I agree "dang it does hurt".

From your uneducated friend.

Reply September 19, 2007

This is your Mama. I love it! All those terrible things you and Erin did while at the grocery store. Your a beautiful Godly women and I'm sure you didn't look that bad. Love that Isaac. Memaw

Reply September 19, 2007

girl, you are gonna make it! three is CRAZY, but man is it worth it. you'll be amazed at what you are actually capable of...and how much less you get out! HA! hope the last leg of your pregnancy flies by and that your new baby boy is super laid back!


ps-i'd trade bigger hips for an extra arm or two! oh well!

The Haines Family Blog
Reply September 19, 2007

Bipedal = Two-legged, meaning, the pelvic area has to slant inward in order for two legs to hold a human up to walk balanced. Other animals' hips hold their legs straight up and down. They can't walk upright, or they would have no balance.

Seriously, if evolution were right on, not only would my hips be bigger, but I would have more arms, a pouch, and more nursers, like an octipigaroo.

The Dicus Family
Reply September 19, 2007

octipigaroo...what every woman dreams of becoming!ha ha

Reply September 20, 2007

I may just have to fetch one of the kiddos when it gets crazy over there :) And I will wear my make-up if it's Isaac that gets snatched.
Your new house is beautiful. I'm so happy for you guys.

Holton Crew
Reply September 22, 2007

laughed out loud about the swamp bat dragon! but you seriously look so good- your weight is all in your belly too- how did you manage that? asher walked in my room as i was dressing the other day and started giggling. i asked what was so funny, and he said "mom, those pants look too small for you- it looks like you are trying to put on kids clothes!" hang in there and make seth do everything!!

Reply September 27, 2007

Seth and Amber... we wandered to your blog from the Holtons and were so excited to see that your family is doing so great! What beautiful boys you have (they're still young enough to say beautiful right?) God bless you guys and your new little one on the way! - Gary and Laura Bull

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