My breakfast

I was just picking up the living room … milky pillows and blankies, the dog’s stringy toy, three shoes without a match, and a handful of Cheerios I fingered from the cushions and floor. An interesting segment of Sesame Street came on. I stood to watch, briefly came to, and caught myself having eaten the last Cheerio.

Please pray that this baby comes out soon before I go outside and catch myself eating dirt. It could happen!

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jennifer ensor
Reply October 3, 2007

It could have been worse. Praying for you.

love you

Reply October 3, 2007

i laughed out loud...i have SO been there!! :) HA! you crack me up. not much longer, girl. hang in there.


Reply October 5, 2007

Amber, you are too funny. I'm just glad it was old cheerios and not bugs. Had fun talking with you last night, friend.

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