When we moved to our new house, we moved across the street from some of our dearest friends. Jason and Meredith are wrestling little ones like we are. Meredith and I are often able to have a grown-up conversation while the kids try to learn to share their scooters on the sidewalk, and this has been a lifesaver for me, something we all look forward to.

Today we went to what Isaac called The Punkin Patch. He has been so disappointed ever since that I didn’t come straight home and whip up a punkin pie or cut him up some punkin so he can eat it. Sometimes I laugh at him when I shouldn’t. Anyway, I took some great pics of the Bramlett and Haines kids.

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Reply October 5, 2007

The picture of Claire and Isaac is priceless. If Isaac gets really belligerent about his punkins, Rachel sent me an easy punkin dessert recipe I can forward to you. And once again, I am freaked out at what a small world it is.

Reply October 6, 2007

Isaac looks like mini-Seth!

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