Waiting for Ian — Labor

Okay, so it’s been over a month, but I’ve been a little on the busy side.

I have so many of these peaceful pictures of my labor (thank you, B). For the most part, it was still and silent. We giggled so much and were very aware of the nearness of God. I had a few hours of back labor, and then WAM, Ian Seth Haines was born. For a few minutes, the nurses said not to push but that was like asking a hurricane to turn into a breeze, and hurricanes don’t have ears anyway. (Please bare with any odd metaphors I might add. I am certainly near crazy, and my mother-in-law says that I get 6 months of crazy after a baby.)

Seth was, again, an amazing coach. I never love him more than when we are about to meet another version of ourselves. My girlfriends, too, are the most servant-hearted and loving people on the planet. Thank you, Seth, Brooke, Allyn, Sarah, and Staci. Also, thank you Susan for watching my other boys. I couldn’t have worried about them less.

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Reply November 15, 2007

You are truly blessed. Love to you all.


jennifer ensor
Reply November 15, 2007

told you so. he is beautiful like as are all your boys. miss you.


Reply November 25, 2007

Such precious memories. Love you friend.

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