New Swingset

The swing set is up, and we have never had so much fun in our yard. Isaac got this great set for his birthday and Christmas from his SueSue and Daddy-O. He keeps saying that we have our very own play ground. Jude has fearlessly done everything on it that Ike has. Today was so mild that while Ian slept this morning, I sat on the swing with the computer, and the boys just played. We can thank Daddy-O for a lot of things; one is that he put the set together yesterday, and another is that I got to blog today for the first time in a long while.

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Reply December 20, 2007

So good to finally hear from your part of the world. Looks like you've been busy. Hope you all have a great Christmas. Make sure Seth blogs about his and Matty's trip after they get back. I'd love to hear what he has to say. Love you guys,

Reply December 23, 2007

You Haines -- my favorite family. Thank you for posting pictures and words. I could look at your kids over and over. I miss you all. And I hope you are well.

And how can I get my very own Haines family picture? My fridge is longing for one.

The Clarks
Reply January 1, 2008

your kids are so cute!

Craig & Cindy
Reply February 3, 2008

I tagged you. :)


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