I do not heart IVs

Here is a recent email I sent to a few friends at the beginning of February.

After a day in the Emergency Room:

Okay! This is so funny that I could cry all day… First, I am totally
fine, and I am so grateful for your prayers!

I came home from Bible Study yesterday to let the dog out because I
thought I would take lunch to Seth. My house smelled like Chlorine, so
I remembered that Seth had put Draino in the toilet. I went to the
bathroom to see if it was unclogged (glamorous). It wasn’t, and the
fumes were horrible, so I opened the windows and turned on the fans. I
called Seth to tell him about the toilet, that I wasn’t coming to see
him, and that my tongue was a little numb. I thought I had somehow
touched Draino to my mouth. (I don’t know (???)) I got the boys out
and started making their lunches. The smell had cleared quickly.

I started feeling so weird, like I was on drugs, and I felt like I
couldn’t get in a whole breath. I had had chest pain for three days,
so I thought I was just freaking out about my heart. I took my boys to
the neighbor’s house, and after being there for a while, I lost all
energy, and my face went numb. Heart Attack, right?

A friend took me to the ER; then they ran all kinds of tests, almost
blew out one of my veins, and starved me until 10:00. Final diagnosis?
Hyperventilation! Apparently, even though my mind didn’t freak out
about the Drain-o, my body did and took in way too much oxygen. Then I
had a touch of Carbon-dioxide poisoning.

We still don’t know about the chest pain, but with all the tests they
got to do yesterday, we were able to rule out everything but that they
nicked my heart in surgery or that I have heart burn. What in the

Thanks for praying for me and laughing with me.
I love y’all.

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Reply February 17, 2008

I'm glad you are ok. Times like these make us question the validity of our flushing system. I know I'm approaching a taboo subject but bear with me. If we could have avoided the need for Dr. Drain-O then this whole thing might have been avoided (maybe it was in a parallel universe). Permit me to suggest that the bucket system or "sawdust toilet" is truly a better way. Please read "The Humanure Handbook" for further advice and counseling. Are we not the rulers? Do we not have the courage to remodel our "thrones?"

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Reply February 18, 2008

Oh, I've got the courage, but if I had the time to read a book about poop, to find a chain saw and some wood to make my own dust, and then to start my own compost pile, which would take up half the yard, I could just read a book about plumbing and then maybe I could become a hot plumber mom, and I would know not to use Drain-O in the toilet.

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