Rest & Candy = Good or if you can’t rest, just eat candy – What?

Aaaaaah! I just want to take a nap!

I just read a bit from Hebrews chapters 3 & 4 about how some can’t enter God’s rest because they don’t believe. (I think it’s often that I don’t truly believe that God is really that good, that His idea of rest is messed up or something; and, it’s more often that I just don’t think of rest.) And then the writer tells us to FEAR falling short of His rest, and he tells us to LABOR / WORK / BE DILIGENT to rest in Him. It flat out instructs us to work at resting.

Final, totally unrelated thought: The best kids in my house right now are the Sour Patch Kids in my secret candy stash. Oh, yes, I eat way more candy than I will ever let my kids eat, which of course means that they will be huge candy eaters. I remember very often asking Mama what she was eating, and she would stop chewing and throw out some ventriloquist’s voice that said “nothing.” Eventually Erin and I found her spots. There were usually the latest M&M trends under her bed! Remember when they reintroduced red M&Ms? Definitely respond if you do. I still save the red ones for last because they are the most special.

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Reply February 22, 2008

Summit slept until 11:15 the other day (after eating for 10 min. at 7) and so guess what I did? yes, I too laid in bed 'cause I COULD. Lack of rest makes you crazy, writing crazy blogs... and e-mails to you! :) glad you are better. Summit was the 'loud' baby at the town meeting, 1 of 2 kids, and he isn't a loud baby in general. Embarassing. you should be glad you couldn't go with your kids, it was awkward having Summit there. ;)

Reply February 22, 2008

I definitely remember the red M&M "comeback." I save the green ones for next to last, red ones for last. Eat my skittles the same way too.
Lack of rest makes us crazy and the knowledge that we won't catch up in the next few days makes me even crazier.

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