For you Mothers of Only One Child

So many girls ask me how I handle it with three that are so young. I always say that it really just stays at the same level of hard no matter how many you have. I may be wrong on that, but it’s what I think so far.

I just happened on an email I sent Seth two years ago when I only had one. Enjoy.

From: “Amber Haines”
Date: February 22, 2006 3:08:19 PM CST
To: “Seth Haines”
Subject: this is hard

I just wanted to give you an update. I have, until now, had a mybrain headache. This morning I took some medicine and started to feel better so I went to the mall to buy B’s gift before trying to go to Walmart. I got so sick there, and Ike screamed COOKIE the whole time. I got in the car and thought that if I ate more protein my head wouldn’t hurt, so we went to Chick-fil-a. By the time we were out of that line I knew I couldn’t go anywhere. We came home and Isaac had The Great Meltdown of Winter 2006 because we ran out of chicken nuggets. he actually screamed like a girl for 20 minutes. Then, I put him to bed, where his nap only lasted 1 hour. he got up and screamed some more (very glad now that my head feels better.) I slept while he slept — that is what fixed my head! I got too tired to handle it anymore, so I put him back in bed. He was quiet for a minute but is screaming mommy in a very unsweet voice, right now as I type. I have offered him everything to eat! Denied, all but chicken nuggets dipped in honey mustard, and again, Chick-fil-a has those, not mommy.

Anyway, if he will sleep a minute and wake up an entirely different person, then I will go to Walmart. I will wash dishes before that if he will calm down in there a bit, but I doubt it. I am sorry to say that I would take puking over this –“this” being that I have no idea what is wrong with my child. I haven’t done anything today but buy Brooke a gift, and I hated every minute of that.

If you came home at 5:00, I could go to the Neighborhood Market and get out of here, you know, before time to make dinner.

Now that I am the complainiest person you know, I will try to not complain when you come home, but please don’t look disappointed that the house looks the same that it did last Saturday. Rather, be glad that Isaac hasn’t driven me totally bonkers. I also promise that I will start brushing my hair and even washing it when we get well.

I love you, and if you ever start to doubt it, Read THis!

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Reply February 29, 2008

Oh, and B, you know how I love to buy gifts, so I only hated doing it because of the screaming person in the stroller. You know I would buy you things for a living if I could.

Reply February 29, 2008

That is the funniest and best thing I have read in weeks! Thanks so much for sharing it!

Reply February 29, 2008

Ouch! But how fun to still have the email...

"mybrain" headache, indeed. Hope days like that have been few and far between (obviously they have, or there would most likely not have been a #2 and #3...)!

Reply February 29, 2008

I love you so much. Some days I don't get to brush my hair and hope Matthew doesn't notice. :) Miss you!

Reply March 1, 2008

Still when your a mess, still put on your best, put an S on your chest, OH YES! You're a Super Woman! hehe Love you! ERIN

Reply March 1, 2008

That is pretty good, Erin! I love you

Reply March 2, 2008

Well shoot fire, there goes my theory that one won't be that bad...Don't let Nathan see this :)

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