Happy Things

My favorite blogger, Jenni from One Thing (See blog-roll; I would make a little linkydo, but my computer isn’t minding me), well, I think she is the coolest, so I am going to imitate her by posting pics of today’s Happy Things. It’s a healthy thing to do, and I think it should be contagious to all bloggers.

a grandma that will belly up to a swing with her grandkids

a one year old that can self-feed

a midday bath

my daddy’s head-shape bobbling on my baby’s body

intricately painted flowers on an old plate that Grandma Haines just gave me – how I like things made of glass

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Reply February 29, 2008

I love the plate picture...but is that any surprise :)
And the pictures of the kiddos of course.

Reply February 29, 2008

Hey Amber, you sweet thang you,

thanks so much for the compliment of imitation; I'm so blessed that you like my blog that much.

You are definitely NOT like a little kid tugging at me; I truly relish all comments and love to hear from everybody!


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