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Okay, isn’t this a pretty blog header? Again, I haven’t been able to make a link, but you can look at The Bramlett’s blog, too. Shauna made both of them. You can check out her stuff at – very creative.

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Reply March 2, 2008

That is so lovely. I tried to "hand-do" mine this afternoon. Now I'm thinking I should just check out Shana.

Reply March 2, 2008

love the new look! it's very "you."
i have to weigh in on the one kid/multiple kids thing. i think that three is WAY more challenging than one!!! one was definately an adjustment for me, but it didn't touch three!!! i'm in up to my eye balls...guess there's room for one more! HA! :)
am loving all the posts!

Reply March 2, 2008

I love the colors!

Reply March 2, 2008

Oh, yes, Stacy, three is harder than one, but I do want mothers of one to be encouraged that they can have more and handle it. I am over my eyeballs, for sure, but having one was a huge transition for me. With three, someone is always screaming, and it's just normal now.

Becky Carter
Reply March 2, 2008

I am loving the blog! I just got your address from the Nelsons and am totally hooked! i am impressed that you even have time to blog - I can not get mine updated often enough.

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