Snow Day

I miss my baby sister so much on days like today. Taking my own children out in the sludge reminds me of putting plastic bags on our shoes and breathing that hard, Alabama air while piling snow in a bowl for snow-cream. It’s funny to remember the woods that went on in forever-snow and then to see the snow here that lands on forever roof-tops. I never thought I’d live suburban, but here we are – and happy.

We came in after play and drank hot chocolate, which Isaac thought tasted best when he lapped it like a dog. That reminds me – pray for my patience, please.

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Reply March 4, 2008

How Fun!!! The boys look like they had a blast.

Reply March 4, 2008

wow! how come there was never snow like that for the year we lived there?

Reply March 5, 2008

Snow days are certainly wonderful. I love that people go sledding and have a blast even when there are only a couple of inches!

I'm so glad we're getting together. The Lord is so good!!

Joy Hui
Reply March 9, 2008

heehee, i'm so happy ike still has the japanese 'petit' cup i gave him for his 1st birthday and now he can hold it himself :) albeit ;) lapping hot chocky from it like a puppy dog! wow, how fast time's gone by!

Joy Hui Lin
Reply March 9, 2008

btw, sexy bangs, honey!

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