Happy Things

This should be a picture of my husband. He makes the best rustic bread. Yes, Ladies, he brings home the bacon, and he cooks the bread.

See all that laundry? Imagine if I had to bend over a tub and wash-board. It could happen one day, but for now my washer and dryer are happy things.

Singing the songs I learned growing up and realizing that the gospel message was being clearly and beautifully presented before I even learned to listen is a happy thing. The seeds God planted in some of those songs are even now breaking ground.

Quiet time with Isaac before the other babies wake up is a happy thing. The questions he asks are happy things. Sometimes trying to get a toddler to learn verses is not a happy thing, but that’s another post.

A plant that was old when Mamaw gave it to me in 1997 and is still alive is a happy thing.

I strongly recommend logging your happy things. It’s encouraged me to notice everywhere what would have otherwise been taken for granted.

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Reply March 7, 2008

Good Idea!!!!

Reply March 7, 2008

Not my idea, but thanks. Jenni from One Thing does it. I am her friendly blog-stalker.

Reply March 7, 2008

I've been singing hymns to myself all week. I think the older I get, the more I appreciate that part of my church-y upbringing. Excpet I'll Fly Away. I don't think I'll ever fully appreciate that one.

Reply March 7, 2008

Once, I was dancing at a Gillian Welch concert when she and her band started into I'll Fly Away. Everbody was all hippy-dancing around me, and I just stood there crying.

I don't know why, but "Sing and Be Happy" does me in.

I am already the old lady at church that says, "MORE HYMNS!"

The Clarks
Reply March 7, 2008

I love "I'll fly away" too, Oddly enough I was rockin' out to it yesterday. I think as I get older the hymn part of my baptist upbringing is coming out. I sing to Summit all the time and songs from my past I'd forgotton come back to me- it's a blessing from God. My memory is funny b/c I can't tell you what I did yesterday.

Reply March 7, 2008

1. That bread looks amazing. Good work, Seth.
2. Seeing you and Ike reading the bible together is one of my favorite memories from my visit.
3. I am trying hard not to be jealous of your bible-reading partner. Why can't ya'll live next door to us?

Reply March 7, 2008

I actually, no joke, started to write about you, but I started feeling really weepy.

Reply March 8, 2008

Wow, so am I second-hand stalker? Because I'm totally stealing your happy things Friday, although I'm renaming it "Hot and Buttered" Friday...much more food friendly that way!

I soooo love to read your site. It gives me joy to know that God gave you a new outlet for your writing gift. And bonus! I get so much blessing from it!

Reply March 9, 2008

I love the happy things. It's especially good to read when you're starting to get in your "it's already Sunday night, that means tomorrow is Monday" funk.
I love the hymns too. Sometimes Nathan and I will get on a roll and start singing the oldie goldies from that "Songs of the Church" hymnal (or I guess we called it song book). We can really get tickled trying to sing all those four parts.

Melissa D
Reply March 10, 2008

I am definitely going to blog my happy things, great idea. I love reading your blog!

Reply December 27, 2008

yes! Happy Things here I come!! I want that bread recipe. I have 25 lbs of flour, that Praise God, did not get turned into cookies...

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