This morning Isaac wanted to tell me his verses. He said something like, “Once there was a man who ate a hot, hot pepper of fire, and it killed him; but, he wanted to live forever, and there was a magic dragon who wanted to give him more peppers, but then Jesus came and killed the dragon and put the man in a lake so he would feel better.”

Isn’t that crazy?

What conjured this story? He might turn out to be an evangelical eschatologist. I better read up.


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Reply March 12, 2008

The one I heard Sunday night was "God so loved the world. God made the world. Then he made a lake. (I can't remember the middle part). Then God had a gun and he killed the bad people." I thought it was a good verse.

Reply March 12, 2008

Wow. Maybe he'll grow up and speak in parables.

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