I know there are several of you who read this blog who do not know Amber, or me, or our three wonderful children. The beauty is that through community, culture, and the sometimes intangible but ever present bonds of grace, we are more or less family. I have read your comments on Amber’s blog and have been encouraged that you encourage her. You are, if only is some very loose sense, family.

That being said, I am posting the following email I received from a friend of mine who is living in Mozambique. He is a brother to me. Therefore, he is a brother to you. He and his family are yours. They have requested prayer. They need others to be aware.

Please do your part. Read. Petition. Forward this along to your praying partners. Then go to the Holton’s blog (on Amber’s blogroll) and drop some encouragement. Whatever form that takes. I am normally pretty sensitive about sharing other’s prayer requests, but this situation seems to warrant it.

This was the summary of the email from my dear friends:

Please pray for some families here in Nomba. We just had a huge storm come suddenly this afternoon. As the rain was abating a massive lightning struck our area. It actually struck our house and fried our inverter so that we don’t have electricity now. However, this same lightning must have split because at the same time a hut not but 100 meters away was struck. Three people were inside. Three people in the hut were injured by the lightning, one of which died. I’m still concerned about the two men. There are alot of people scared and suffering right now. Anyway, please pray for my friends.



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