Good Friday – Happy Things

Christ took on death
and won.
Grandpa believed and wanted that as his legacy.
When Seth was not yet born, his Grandma made him this needlepoint.New Life is a promise.


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Reply March 21, 2008

that has been the verse of my life. that is why we dedicated it to Summit, what an amazing heritage! Heidi

Reply March 21, 2008

Hey, I noticed someone coming over to my place from your blog; so I stopped by to check it out. 3 boys in 3 years! Yes, a very humbling experience, isn't it? But a very valuable one - God has a way of sending us in the direction he wants, rather than in the direction that we think would be best sometimes. And I, for one, am really grateful for that.

Reply March 28, 2008

That onion came from the depths of your pantry, didn't it?

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