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Sarah, I’m going to copy you. Even though Seth already shamelessly plugged The Common Guild on my blog behind my back, I would like to officially recommend that anyone who loves music, especially music of substance to check out their blog. It’s a place to listen to Josh’s, Matt’s, and Seth’s work and to comment on the lyrics and how the music lends itself to the content of the songs. They really want feedback. It’s a pleasant place to be. These guys love Jesus, and they seem to want to take the cliche out of the music that’s speaks out for Christ. It’s refreshing to watch musicians seek relevant lyrics and relevant sound — if that makes sense.


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Reply April 12, 2008

the only question I have is: Why isn't Josh the candlestick maker? or is there a humorous story on why he isn't?
Glad you are doing good by the way! I've been praying for you! :)

The Butcher
Reply April 13, 2008

I butchered my finger off...
You'll have to ask Matt his story.

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