Happy Things: AficioNada, Supermercado, Sisters and Mamas

I guess I could post pictures of faces here, but my first of today’s happies is more than that. Last night I went to a little birthday ladyness with girls I do not talk to on a regular basis. There is a soul thing that happens sometimes with people, and somehow, I have soul sisters – even if I only know them here and there for showers and dreaded play dates or brush shoulders with them at Bible study or receive their encouraging blog comments, even if only then, I love the women in my life.

Another of today’s happies is the idea of getting healthy and giving my body time to heal. I want to make my temple strong, so I can do good, hard Mamaw kind of work when I’m old and have grandbabies to love.

Speaking of healthy: another happy is a restaurant here in town that is forreal A-maz-ing! Columbiamex is actually a little supermarket behind Mexico Viejo with a hole in the back wall where you can order absolutely the most authentic Mexican food this side of Texas. Seriously, when we went to Mexico, the ladies in the village came together and made the biggest tamale supper ever. We ate by candle-light in the pitch black, sweaty dark, and licked our sickly little American fingers smack clean. Columbiamex was that kind of good, and there was nothing there over $5. Oh, and let me not forget to mention that in the front cooler, they have real coca-cola made with real sugar cane (not corn syrup). Live in Fayetteville? Pass Mexico Viejo, eat carnitas en salsa verde in the Supermercado, and drink a coke. You know it’s good when everybody there is wearing work-boots.

Today’s last but not least Happy is AficioNada, a blog written by a close friend and wonderful food writer/ lover, Brooke. If I want a sensory experience outside of my laundry room (when Seth is not home, of course), I read about Brooke’s food and drink voyage in Napa Valley and beyond, even though she calls herself “one who still has trouble knowing when her noodles are done.” She acts a bit like she doesn’t know what she’s doing, which is what makes it such a good and relatable read, but really she has mastered the fine art of appreciation, and I truly do appreciate her for sharing the experience. Read it, and your mouth waters.

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