Is Clarity in My Coat Pocket With That One Dollar Bill and a Used Tissue?

I read my blog from yesterday, and it is hilarious. Obviously, clarity was not my strong-suit yesterday. So, go ahead and read it, but know that Brooxy is not my lover, and the only sensory experience I have in the laundry room is from Gain, my favorite smelling detergent, and I was noting Seth’s wonderful culinary skills, not any of his other skills.

I’m saving all my sense for when I’ll really need it. I think I’ve only been allotted so much.

How did I just now discover I made my own random station with Radiohead, Sufjan Stevens, and Gillian Welch. My goodness, it really turned out some great music, and my heart is all a flip-flop over it. Wouldn’t dancing in the kitchen be a great way to go? Am I always this morbid? I think my next post is going to be morbid, too. I predict an ooshy-gooshy writing stage ahead, so hang in there with me.


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Reply April 19, 2008

I am loving your clarifications!!

Reply April 19, 2008

Amber, I love you!!!! I spent a wonderful hour or so reading and laughing and crying a little with your blog! I hope everything went well with the surgery! We're praying for your recovery. I loved the stuff about Sarah! My dye test went well. The dr. said there's no reason why we shouldn't be able to get pregnant...hopefully sometime these next couple of months something will happen! Your writing is really beautiful! It's nice to feel caught up! Troy say, "Hey!"

Reply April 20, 2008

I sort of thought that you were giving me a compliment...

Now my feelings are hurt.

Reply April 21, 2008

dude I told you about Pandora long ago and you are just now trying it? shame. I will send you some of my stations then.

Reply April 21, 2008

Slow learner. Yes, please send me yours. I've heard The Avette Brothers several times on mine. My favorite so far is Sean Hayes --- Such good musica.

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