A third of the year is over. It doesn’t seem possible. Seth and I decided to write one sentence each a day through 2008. Here are some of my favorites from January. They are mostly mine because I don’t want to chance sharing something that wouldn’t be okay with Seth. Just know you’re missing out. Some are sober and some a bit funny.
A – Marie Smelser used to call Communion cups “the good Lord’s little supper cups.”
A – This morning we were talking about money, and Daddy said he remembers his daddy instructing him to never just plant one crop because if it fails, you’ve lost everything.
A – The best part about today was hugging Seth and smelling travel in his beard.
A – There is a sweet syrup that children love to drink which can only build up in a mother when she sleeps.
S – Today I wrote an email to opposing counsel requesting that he offer an additional $20,000 in an effort to settle a case – all while listening to Vedder sing, “society, your crazy greed, hope you’re not lonely without me.”
A – Seth’s on my pinched nerve.
S – Pinch this!
A – The Christmas tree just doesn’t have the same effect all beautifully decorated here in the dining room in mid-January.
S – Blessed is the man who gains understanding, but that is real, bad hard.
S – Tonight Shelby messaged me to say that she like the way “Mozambique” sounded and “Zimbabwe,” too.
A – Hey, that was my sentence!
A – “It’s Pizza Day!” is what we would say every time Mama came home from Walmart.
A – Seth said “reckon” to a judge this morning, and I think that is so sexy.
A – Now I know that I can nurse a baby, pump breast milk, type an email one-handed, drink coffee, and eat oatmeal all at once, but when I do that, it puts me in a hard spot when Jude want to stick his entire foot in his oats and take two hand-fulls of them to use as concrete in his eyelashes and his hair.
A – It is one thing to choose death, to sin and enjoy it; and, it is another to be born so close to death that your mother’s first loving glance never blinked shut, to seem not to have earned it, to ask for milk and get not even a “no.”
S – I call budgeting fiscal responsibility; Jason calls it fiscal boredom.
A – Grandmother said that Carmen was home with Hospice and talked about how she had seen so many go, and I remembered that Mama Lois had cried out to her as her heart stopped, and I smiled, leaving the death conversation, remembering the time Mama Lois beat the ever-loving breath out of our dog, Susie, for pulling her pillows from the clothes line.


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Reply April 22, 2008

This might be my most favorite. post. ever.

Prairie Chick
Reply April 22, 2008

Oh. I. Loved. That. Especially the 13th and the 28th. Priceless.

Reply April 22, 2008

What a fun idea. So what's the system for this? Do y'all write them together?

Reply April 22, 2008

no rules

just write a sentence a day

Reply April 22, 2008

What a creative idea! I loved it all and laughed hysterically at Seth's "Pinch this!" comment.

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