Tongs in the Toilet – an Unhappy

Yes, tongs in the toilet, because today when Isaac was doing his business, he completely unrolled a roll of toilet paper into the floor, and when I raged into the room, he dropped the roll holder thingy into the toilet, and it immediately sank below everything, so I had to retrieve it with a pair of tongs, and now we officially have potty tongs.

That was my sentence of the day.

I have had no time for happies (I’ll be happy tomorrow), except for this one thing:Matt and Nicole, you’re my soul siblings. I miss you, and you make me happy.


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Jonnie and Ashley Macke
Reply April 26, 2008

I didn't know you had a brother here. I would love to take you out on the town! Definitely let us know if you come to NYC.


Reply April 27, 2008

ha! Aw, I love it. We are soul siblings, which is why my heart hurts to see you. MISS YOU TIMES A MILLION!!!

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