A Big Bunch o’ Happy

My husband’s gorgeousnessHome-made Music
flowers from the market
Ian’s tongue – out at all times
friends and wooly worms
brothers bonding
Muddy faces
Seth’s pretty plating

a little boy biting back
Coffee to the brim of our honeymoon cup
Sweet new song on Common Guild

All five of us were up and cuddled at 4:45 this morning during a storm. It was happy — for a few minutes.

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Reply May 2, 2008

This set of "happies" make me sad because I miss the Haines clan so much!
P.S. Pregnant Amy wants Seth to come cook for her:)
Love you, ERIN

Reply May 4, 2008

Hey Amber and Seth! Thanks for letting us come over and hang out last night. We had a great time and you guys were so hospitable!

I'll come back and visit your blog again soon!

PS. I'm totally impressed with Seth's cooking skills-from last night and the above pics. Maybe he should have been a chef! :)

Reply May 6, 2008

Thanks, Leah. Maybe in the next life...

Reply May 10, 2008

your children are beautiful :)

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