I have been having a hard time stringing any thoughts together, but I’m going to try to piece something together here.

My sister-in-law is in labor. Noah will be born this morning, and I am so excited, not only to meet him but also to meet the updated version of my sister, after labor, after finally holding a chunky, moving body with eyes and ears and mouth, ready for taking in, a spirit untouched until her arms.

It’s a heavy thing to think of how blank our babies are with experience, and it’s too big a thought to consider the Alpha and Omega and the days that were written before they even take a breath. It’s our job to find our responsibility in between God’s sovereignty and this world’s circus of options.
I have a whole blog to write in random thoughts. It’s possible that will come in a second installment today, but first I have to do some things to make this house marketable because we are selling it. Yessiree Bob, we are selling our house in this market just like everyone else. That story is also to come.


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Reply May 7, 2008

WHAT!? Please tell me Seth got some awesome job in Nashville and you guys are moving here...right?

Reply May 7, 2008

"Circus of options"...well said. Our responsibility and His sovereignty... let me know when you get some clarity on that one. :)

Reply May 7, 2008

I'm hoping that I get it soon. Either I'm saying "Doe Di Doe, God is Sovereign," or I'm saying, "oh no, what am I going to do? There are boogers everywhere!"

Where is the rest in His sovereignty without the foolishness of prayerless days and caution to the wind? Am I making any sense? Am I missing something?

I can outline my theology for you. BUT, in my actual thought-life and action-life, how do I take on the right responsibility?

Reply May 7, 2008

Sorry Jen, not moving to Nashville any time soon, but we are moving to Grandma's rock house. Cool, huh?

The Clarks
Reply May 7, 2008

the rock house in front of your old house?? was that your Grandma's house?

Reply May 7, 2008

yes, that's it.

Reply May 7, 2008

did you know we are trying to sell a house too? Maybe two houses even. (our rental and our primary.)

Reply May 7, 2008

I have been blog-stalking you lately. Really enjoy it. Please keep it up. Love that hymn too by the way.

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