Move the House Monday — Free iPod (for real!)

It’s Move the House Monday, and we are having a Give-Away!

We have the opportunity to buy Grandma’s Rock House, which is really our home and our dream. Alls we have to do is Move This Amazing East Fayetteville Home! We wouldn’t be selling it if we didn’t have the opportunity to move to Grandma’s, but now we are motivated sellers.

If we can do it soon, we can sell well below appraised value, so get your thinking caps on, and spread the word. If you refer a buyer (not just a looker), you will receive a free iPod of your choice. Act now, and we will include a $50 gift card to Barnes and Noble and $100 to your restaurant of choice, for the perfect date-night. If you prefer, rather than all that, check out the the new iPhone. It’s on us – if you refer a buyer. Cheesy and Shameless – but we’re for real.

Email me at amberhaines at gmail dot com with any questions.

Regardless, would you pray for us?


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Reply May 12, 2008

Do you have a link to your home? I would love to post for you!

Reply May 12, 2008

Seriously? This is stinkin hilarious. :) I would say you are definitely motivated sellers. From the title I thought you were going to try and recruit people to come help you pack and move. I will send anyone in Nashvegas that is moving there your way. You are in my prayers too....always.

Reply May 12, 2008

Motivated indeed...
This is no joke. Let's get the grass roots mobilized. Has anyone every participated in an online house-selling movement?

Reply May 12, 2008

Post or email me a picture and details about your house. I'd be happy to help.

Is the "Grandmother's Rock House" in Fayetteville?

Reply May 13, 2008

Such a good idea. I wish we'd thought of this.

Reply May 13, 2008

Um... Is there any possibility that I could screen the potential new neighbors? Just wondering...
I'll be sure and pass the word along. I could use a new ipod.

Reply May 13, 2008

I've got a buyer over here. He can provide the money "later." Also he needs a loan to fly over there and check it out. You'll need a translator. I can provide this assistance....just provide the airfare....oh and my new ipod.

Reply May 13, 2008

We'll send an iGoat to you, Kyle.

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