Biggest of ALL: I know that I know that I know that I know that Jean Mason is with Jesus. Her Homegoing stings right now, but I’ve never cried with such a big smile on my face. We love you, Jean!

Seth on commonguild.blogspot.com singing a song that is very important to us.
Grandma’s rock house, where we get to move is a big happy. We found out yesterday that it is going to cost roughly three trillion dollars just to get the air in there clean enough to breathe, but that’s okay – it’s Grandma’s!

Baby fat!
Those eyes! That cookie!

Flowers we’re planting in the front beds
potted plants in the back

Living with Boys!


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Reply May 16, 2008

Amber, I always love your Happies posts! They never fail to make me smile and today after taking Grant for his first shots (big tears from baby and mommy) it was a much needed smile :) Thank you!

Reply May 17, 2008

great happies! :)
rusty and ann said they had a good time w/ ya'll. they said that you and i had lots in common. ;)
jealous that they got to meet your sweet boys b/f us!

Melissa D
Reply May 20, 2008

I always love your happies! And that picture of 'those eyes' reminds me so much of your sister?!?!?

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