Move the House Monday — Prize Drawing

It’s Move the House Monday, and there is still a free iPod in the mix for whoever refers a buyer! From week to week we’ll offer different things, but an iPod of your choice is still on the table.

Today, if you will send a big, fat email to any friends and family in the fayetteville area with a link to our house blog,, and copy me to the email, amberhaines at gmail dot com, we will put your name in a hat. We will draw names on June 2nd to see who wins a $40 gift card to Barnes and Noble or for iTunes, whichever you please.

Ask your friends to pass the news along, and you’ll be in the drawing, and you’ll have a greater chance toward that new iPod!

Major props to Ashley, who is already in the hat! Thanks, girlfriend.

Selling a house BLOG-STYLE!

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Reply May 19, 2008

I cannot think of a better way to accessorize your new iPod than by earning $40 of free iTunes! I am frequently astounded by the genius that is my beautiful wife (whom I must say I love very much).

Reply May 19, 2008

Actually, Seth, didn't you think of that?

I love you, too.

Hey, let's do a blog where we just comment back and forth to each other about how great we are so that everyone wants to hurl. That would be awesome.

Oh, and also, Sarah blogged about the house, so she's in the hat, too. I also think that folks can warrant being put in the hat twice.

Reply May 19, 2008

Man, do Nathan and I have the perfect anniversary card for one of you...including liking each other and making others hurl.

Reply May 19, 2008

Call me crazy, but I think it would be awesome to get someone to dress up in some sort of costume(think the monkey in front of AAA Auto or statue of liberty in front of Liberty Tax) and stand out on 45to direct people to your house for an open house.
Just think about it.
Come on. You know it'd be funny.

Reply May 19, 2008

Hey, thanks for including me in the drawing! Once I saw the picture of "Grandma's Rock House" I knew exactly which one you were talking about. I lived near there in 2-3 grade and drove past it all my years growing up. What a wonderful house!

Reply May 20, 2008

Sarah M. and Rob Florida are in the hat!!! Buddy ol' Pals, I tell ya!

Reply May 21, 2008

I like the AAA monkey idea. Maybe I could get Nate to do it...

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