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I am using Seth’s work laptop, and it doesn’t have a t. I have to stick my finger in a hole to type a T. No matter.

My Mac lost it’s hard drive. It just disappeared, so we sent him to the hospital, but it’s not looking good. There goes most of our music, poetry, and pictures. I can’t think about it anymore. Here. Let me stick my finger in the t hole: tttttttt.


So many things will have just disappeared into oblivion. I thoughT to myself Thank Goodness for my blog, or I would have very few pictures of Ian’s life so far. I’m going to have to start posting way more pictures – when I get my computer back, that is.

My brother just told me a story that is definitely worth remembering …

Scotty is a free-lance graphic design guy in NYC, and he had a huge interview that he really needed to score. He was told to just look for a blonde guy at some coffee shop. He gets there and immediately sees a blonde guy walking toward him in recognition. The guy says, “Are you Scott?” and of course Scott says yes. So the blonde steps up to him and hands him this huge milkshake, and then he walks away.

Scotty just stands there dumbfounded, holding a gas-staion size drink (I added that detail) thinking to himself: what kind of interview is this? What am I supposed to do? The blonde guy goes and sits down, and finally Scott gets up enough nerve to appraoch him.

“Um, excuse me … Um, what is the milkshake for?”

The guy just says, “You’re my neighbor, right?” And Scott had to say no, he had never seen him in his life.

The blonde gets aggravated that he had been friendly, so he shoots Scotty a bird and walks out –just as another blonde guy walks in.

Scott had his entire interview while drinking the milkshake equivalent of the Route 66.



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Reply May 27, 2008

I know you think you're not penning much poetry these days, but your entire blog is a poem, a song to God and the family he has given you to watch after. Bonus - your poem has hilarious stories and big pictures!

Reply May 27, 2008

PS - You may think she has the market cornered when it comes to "the poetry of motherhood", but I think Beth Ann Fennely better watch out. You're a force...

Reply May 27, 2008

You're awesome!

Reply May 28, 2008

Here, let me stick my finger in the 'you are hilarious' hole! I love you. Don't worry be happy, somebody will buy your hogs, I mean, house!!

Reply May 28, 2008

If it makes you feel any better, Scott & I went through this with our PC hard drive about a year ago. I was devastated because every picture that I had taken of my children was saved on there. Originally, it didn't look like they'd be able to find them, but they shipped it off to some "experts" in California and they were able to find and save it all to disks for us. It did teach me to save all of my pictures to CD and my favorites to my blog, though. I download my blog into a book at the end of the year. I bet they'll be able to recover your pictures. --Ashley Shaver

Reply May 29, 2008

That seriously stinks. I will pray they can get your pics back. I have a few pictures of when Jude was born on my computer I can get to you as well.

Joy Hui Lin
Reply June 2, 2008

Yup, I have nightmares of the same thing happening. There's now an Apple that constantly backs-up your hard drives wirelessly. Could be an option for the future!

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