a happy thing: Let’s Ride Around!

Because my computer lost all its software, we do not have iPhoto. We hope to get it tonight, and I’ll download some super cute pics to tell you about my happy things.
In the meantime, I just have to say that last night we went to dinner with some really fun friends, and right as we all pulled onto our road, I saw the word Zeppelin reeling across the face of the stereo. Meredith yelled for the guys to stop giggling, and then she turned up the music, stepped on the gas, and we rode around our neighborhood with Meredith whaling every ooh and ah, every single word of an amazing classic rock song.
I asked if I could bum a cigarette, but nobody had one. 
Now that’s happy – when you want to chunk your hateful high-heels out the window and rush to the nearest pair of broke down Birkenstocks.


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Reply May 31, 2008

wish i was in that car!!!!! b

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