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Today, a wonderful friend from church, Mrs. Nelly, brought over her elderly friend, Mrs. Betty. Because Betty is near eighty and dearly loves children, Nelly thought that Betty would like to spend time with my boys, and it was the sweetest time.
We all went outside, and Nelly and I were standing aside having conversation. By chance, I glanced over, and Mrs. Betty was standing up in the playhouse that is over four feet above the ground. We ran over to her, and she was saying, “Wow, look at the beautiful plants!” She was amazed to be up so high, and she just sat up there and played with the boys – who loved and loved on her.
She made it down, and we sat at the outside table for a snack, and Isaac asked her to tell him about when she was little, and so she told him that she used to go skating. He did well to listen, and then she said that she also spent a lot of time singing, and then she began.
“Jesus, Jesus, Jesus – Sweetest name I know,
               Fills my ev’ry longing, Keeps me singing as I go.”

Mrs. Nelly joined her in that old hymn, and I tried, but I almost started crying, so I had to stop. You may have had to have been there, but it was such a special moment. Isaac listened to Mrs. Betty, who can’t remember yesterday very well, but she could sing the words to that song.


Yesterday when I was at the dentist, I wasn’t allowed to use part of the pain meds for a filling because of my heart, and I was bonkers over it. I was afraid of feeling the pain that goes with that awful mouth chainsaw sound. 

The whole time I was singing, “A Wonderful Saviour.” It’s a song I haven’t thought of in so long, and it popped up just in time to keep me from running out of there screaming.


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Reply May 31, 2008

you are my super hero! and big john...he does all his dental work without meds...!!! i love you! -b

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