Learn From Me, For I Am Gentle And Humble

I am not like God.
When my first boy begs for my smoothie, 
when he hasn’t finished the cereal
for which he also begged,
and the beseeching reaches siren level

and I rush over 
stomping as I tilt
my glass completely 
and up in the air
like a flair bartender
in a show

and I throw the bowl
of good Fruit Loops 
into a dirty pot of water
left in the sink last night,

even though the bowl floats, 

I know that am not like God.

Even though I save the bowl 
and eat what is there,
I must reattach myself 
beneath a harness

and wear it like a well-fed ox
and graze 
and bow ground low 
with my might 
to pull and strive

because this is the only way 

to rest.


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Reply June 3, 2008

heeeeey woman! yes, that would be us with the GIGANTIC purple bows in our hair!!! how are you?! you look beautiful! (always did!) thanks for stopping by!

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