Vacation Giveaway

Yes, that’s right! A Vacation Giveaway! Not as in – we have a vacation to giveaway, but rather, as in – does anyone have a vacation that she or he would like to give to us? Really. Does anyone’s crazy aunt own a beach house in Gulf Shores that we could use for three days? I’m just asking.
We get to go to Alabama for my brother’s wedding the last weekend of June. If we get a vacation out of that trip, I’ll have to scheme for it. So far, your crazy aunt is all I got.


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Reply June 5, 2008

I've got a beach condo that i can rent you cheaply ! It is summer, so i only have 11 weeks to try to make enuf in rent to pay, hopefully, at least half of the expense of owning it (wish I could sell ), Lundy
see it at:
Gulf Shores

Lundy Wilder

Reply June 5, 2008

It's not the last week in June, but we leave for Seaside next week...and by we, I mean the whole Cheshier clan. We've got room for,oh, about two adults and three babies more.

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