How to appreciate a Daddy on Father’s Day:

Really, there isn’t a daddy in the whole world that is more fun than Seth – at least to my boys. I cannot imagine a better husband either. (I love you, Seth.)

I had a frou frou baby shower at my house Saturday morning,
then we went to a gorgeous wedding,
and then we went to a family birthday party, where the four oldest kids of the fam had become teenagers. Imagine!

This is Seth sharing all his wisdom over Kool-aid and cake.
This is Jude at 9:00 PM eating cake.

The next morning for church, I had three screaming babies and would have had much better church if we had have stayed home and watched Shrek. That’s why for Father’s Day Seth just let them crawl on him. Sometimes, when you’re tired, the only way to be sure your kids are ok is to take a nap while they play on your back. That is my parenting tip of the day.


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Reply June 16, 2008

The shower table is sooo pretty! Ya'll did such a good job. I'm sad I missed setting up and playing with all the fun china. We'll have to have a tea party soon. Love you!

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