If I Found a Pot of Gold, I’d Give it to Kim

I have never in all my days had the arch of my foot flatten out onto the breastbone of anyone – much less have I ever had my foot rest between another woman’s bosoms – not until today when I went to Natural Nails beside the Co-op for a pedicure. This, my friends, was the best pedicure I have ever had. Kim was unable to speak very much English, but she was very able to treat my hideous feet and legs Right! I’m telling you, she took her little fists and beat my feet from side to side, intimately yet unreservedly propped me on her chest, and then rubbed everything that hurt right out of my shins. These toes were in poor shape, so maybe she felt sorry for me, but the massage was the longest part of the whole thing, and now my toes look fairly great. You have got to go do it. If I had been a millionaire, I would have tipped her 500%. 
Have I said yet that I am going to Alabama for my little brother’s wedding and some fried squash? I’m truly pumped for the being there but not for the driving there. When you have three wigglers 3 years and under, you lose that part of you that loves the journey. I wish that weren’t so.
Because I love you so very much, I have scheduled a few posts for this upcoming week – so y’all come back, alright? (Just wait to hear my accent after I’ve been in the hills for a few days.) 
If you have a few minutes, please do not look up “Alabama” on YouTube. I was going to go with a theme for my away-posts, but to perpetuate my findings on my great Southern state would be a shame. (Do not click on anything that has to do with Alabama and leprechauns. I’m for real. Don’t be rebellious. ) You could look up poetry or pedicure safety instead. 


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Kelley Flowers
Reply June 24, 2008

Hi Amber, I am Kara and Steph Laney's sister in law...my dad (Randy Laney) actually sent me your web address- telling me that I would love what you had to say...and the girls agreed that you were super cool.

Also, the other day it came up with Steph and Kara that you are selling your house. I am a single mom real estate loan officer looking for another home to finance. Could I put my sign (like a realtor sign but says Financing Provided by Kelley Flowers at Wells Fargo)in your yard?

Reply June 24, 2008

I love natural nails. They really know how to work on your legs there.
I'm so glad you've scheduled posts...I'd be so sad to be without my runamuck fix.

Jordan and Mandy Eoff
Reply June 25, 2008

i'll have to try it...i'm a sucker for a good pedicure!
have a great time in Alabama-

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