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Autumn N. Brown
Reply July 11, 2008

I am! Okay, so you don't know me. I have met you and I know Seth. He was my high school chem lab partner till I dropped the class. Anyhoo, I am addicted to your blog. I found it through the Cates. You are just too funny and oh so helpful in your mommyhoodness. Ziva, my 6 month old, and I now have Techless Tuesdays (no TV etc), b/c of you. So to the point, I would really enjoy a book club blog, just don't judge me on me grammar. ;)

Reply July 11, 2008

I would like to do this too. Great idea! I am up for anything fiction. When it comes to nonfiction, I'm a fan of biographies, history and memoirs but not self help. There is my two cents!

The Clarks
Reply July 11, 2008

I've been wanting to read more, keep us updated

Reply July 11, 2008

I would love to do this! I'm pretty open to just about anything, although I agree on the no self help books.

Reply July 11, 2008

Wahoo! And Ain't nobody going to judge your grammar, Autumn. I'm pumped that you'll join us - whoever we are in reading whatever books we'll read.

Has everybody already read The Shack? I'm afraid all the books I want to read are books you've read five times already. Any other ideas?

Reply July 11, 2008

Ok, my mom just made me PROMISE to pick up The Shack and read it. Is it that good?? I'm afraid it's going to be like The Secret, all about ME and not about GOD. Or Service. Or Love. Not into that.

What if we mix it up every month? A classic one, memoir the next, biography, food history, volume of poetry, trashy novel...or, would we rather stick to a theme?

Reply July 11, 2008

Ambers sis in lay her. I was just thinking today about how i have spent to much time on the computer or at work and nothing to really stimulate the 'ol noggin. So i would enjoy a book club idea. So im guessing the Month of July is "the Shack"? SOunds interesting. I'll go check it out(ran out of blow money for the week /cry). And as far as the ideas to switch it up, that sounds great. Historical Fictions are my fav...but im down for whatever. Need to read a good biography anyway.

Amber, btw, love the blog! Nice to keep up with you two and as a new mom of a me a chance to see into the future! :)

Reply July 12, 2008

i'm in.

Reply July 13, 2008

Hey there,

I'm constantly reading and although I'm already in one book club I would gladly be in another! I read anything!

Reply July 14, 2008

Count me in too!

Finley Robinson
Reply July 14, 2008

what about a francine rivers book?
i'm about to journey into "A Voice in the Wind".

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