Isaac can tie his own shoes.

Seth makes a wonderful beverage with basil in it, and see that honey? This hairy guy sells it at the Farmer’s Market, and it tastes like almonds. I’ve never tasted honey so good.

I haven’t done my happies yet today because I have had the biggest mybrain headache because my body thinks I am starving it, when really I am on an elimination diet and not eating anything with caffeine, gluten, dairy, sugar, or citrus – and no nightshades. To not eat a tomato this time of year is dreadful, and all my creativity has been blurred up in the spasms of my decaffeinated brain. Fortunately the elimination part will be over soon, and I’ll be adding coffee and cheese to my diet by Tuesday. Really, without cheese, I am a piece of furniture.
My Mama just sent me an email right in time for my happies. Without copying and pasting it, I can’t explain to you how great it was. You know that feeling of catching your parents loving each other? Or can you imagine? Since I was small, I thought there was nothing better than seeing my parents hug. It is a source of security to me. Even greater than that, my mama wrote that she knows that she knows that she is where God wants her to be and that she wants to abide in Him. Folks, what more can we ask for? I can’t ask God for anything other than that for my Mama, who I love very, very much. I want to be like her and overflow to my children: God is enough. God is enough. God is enough. He is more than plenty.
Another happy is my amazing husband. I could never write about how gracious he is. I couldn’t write it maybe until I turn eighty and have gained such a vocabulary and poetic sensibility. Every day this week he has done something special for me – something that took him time and thought. He loves me. I asked him last night why he was doing it, and he said that he did sweet things when we were dating so he thought he should now, but I say 
I don’t want to be like we used to. There has been no better time than like we are now.  
So today I took the boys to their sitter and I came home and watched The Tiger and the Snow. Oh, how I loved this movie – and Tom Waits. This is the beginning of it.


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Reply July 11, 2008

I love reading your happies. Not to get all mushy, but good to see my brother happy and his wife happy too. A happy for me...that my sis in law is artsy(sp). Never heard of this movie...but it sounds Italian so you know that first thing tomorrow I'm renting it.

Reply July 12, 2008

thank you amber. i loved reading about the reminder of God being enough.....
i'm off to enjoy my diet cherry pepsi and my 'everything but the' ben and jerry's as well as my peanut butter cups I got tonight....moment of weakness and blahness.:)

Reply July 14, 2008

so what are you eating, soil?

Reply July 14, 2008

Yes. We are eating soil and rocks and rice cakes and lentils.

Reply July 14, 2008

how did you teach me isaac to tie his shoes? i've been opting for slip ons....thoughts?
and when works for a coffee date??

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