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The last time we went to the park, Isaac almost got kidnapped by a one foot tall, baby bleating goat. Today’s visit had only a couple of rough spots. I got really sticky with peach juice, so I went to pump  well-water on my hands. On my return to the picnic table, I heard Elizabeth say, “Where’d the peanut butter go?” and I looked down to see Ian (my 9 m. old) sucking fist-fulls of possible anaphylactic shock into his little mouth. He is not allergic to peanut-butter, thank goodness.
After that, there was no major meltdown to get into the van. The boys obediently followed me and shoved themselves into their seats while I cranked up the air conditioner. I asked Ike to buckle himself up, and I walked over to get Ian. When I turned back around, Ike was in the driver’s seat and had locked the van doors, and for a few minutes of the fiasco, as I was yelling for him to unlock the van, he was pretending that he couldn’t hear me while wallowing near the gear shift. 
Once home, it was time for his discipline, and I asked him to tell me what he had done wrong. He said that he could have slammed the van down the hill or into a building and killed everybody. Did I actually say that to him? 
Sometimes, it’s easy to think that I am not cut out for this. *Strangely, this guy challenged me and Seth at a wedding to read **My Utmost for His Highest every day, and I don’t follow through very often, but yesterday I did, and it was sweet to hear that in this mess if I would just realize my poorness, my neediness, then I would be able to attain to all that Jesus is and has asked of me. Then He would do all things through me.  It is not in thinking that I can do anything that things get done. It is in knowing that I can do nothing that God Himself blesses. There is a great sigh of relief where He meets us in those low places. 
Mmmm, He’s Good. 
*There was nothing spectacular about meeting a working actor except that he is so head over heals in love with a Saviour that he wouldn’t shut up. He was a magnet, and we love him, so I don’t mention his name to brag, but I do to say, hey look, there’s a good guy in Hollywood, and he has a vision and a love for the people he works with that I deeply want to emulate even here in my own home.
**My Utmost for His Highest is a short daily devotion written by Oswald Chambers. Seriously, bookmark it and start reading it with me as often as you can. It helps me be a rested sort of sober that I can’t explain.
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Reply July 22, 2008

Tis me. I was talking smack to your mother-in-law not too long ago. It's funny what things people choose to commit to memory. You find me on Brooke's blog?

How are ya? I like the longer hair.


Reply July 22, 2008

Amber i think you are the best most disciplined mom in the world!
need i remind you i locked both my kids in the car a few years ago(in my garage.)
silas was just an infant. and elle no older than 16 months. it was awful! they both cried themselves to sleep twice...! scary scary and very sad.
when the lock smith arrived to rescue my poor kids i asked him how much i owe him and he said, we don't charge for kids who are locked in their car.
i gave myself the bad mother award right there.
night night
and i LOVE you!

Reply July 23, 2008

Pixies fan too, eh? Dadgum,I love me some good ole' punk rock. It takes me back to the days when bands actually were appreciated for their lyrical genius and unique sound with chords other than G C or D. Those were good days, eh? Dinosaur Jr., The Clash ... Oh, and I've never met a fan of The Pixies who didn't like Radiohead. Don't get me wrong...I also enjoy and have seen your better insurgent country talents as well. Gillian Welch and David Rawlins made my life back before they 'made it' @ George's with at least 15 people in the audience here in Fayetteville.
P.S. Sorry Thomas ate a vat of peanut butter by your infant child. Praise be to the God above no epi-pen was needed on that blazing hot peanut butter Tuesday!
Dinner...let's make it happen!

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