Happy Birthday, Hootie!

My beautiful, brown-eyed, second-born son was born two years ago today. (A year ago was this.) Happy Birthday, Jude. I’ve never known such a light-hearted salad eating book-lover who is satisfied fading behind 300 kids or satisfied in a star position, playing alone. No one could ever endure a head injury like you and still be able to work an intricate toddler puzzle. You are a party, our funny, dare-devilishly cautious artist. I love you.  


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Craig and Cindy
Reply July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jude! Gorgeous pics. Have I mentioned how much he looks like Seth lately? :)


Reply July 25, 2008

Funny how I always thought Hod-ay (like in spanish). See how people can live together with different perspectives on the same word. I think I'll now take to calling him Hootie, as in the blowfish...

the hamster
Reply July 25, 2008

i don't even know this kid, but i'm glad for him. and i envy that hair. good stuff. blessings on jude! blessings on the hootie!

Reply July 25, 2008

I love you so very much, Jude!!

You guys have the coolest kids.

Reply July 25, 2008

Happy birthday Jude!! Next year you and Vail will be celebrating together :) (right Amber?)

Reply July 25, 2008

Do you remember who called him hootie first? Don't forget to read him his letter. I want to kiss his face off. He is such a beautiful child if I do say so myself. M.

Reply July 25, 2008

awwww, happy birthday. :)

Reply July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Jude! What a cutie patootie he is.

Reply July 26, 2008

That is one dude who is going to be laid back on his yacht with his honeys some day. You can't look that good and be that cool without one day having a yacht and some honeys.

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